The recipient of the 2012 Emma L. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship is Arthur Tyler Hohnsbehn from Garner Magnet High School. Arthur will be attending Campbell University the Fall of 2012 majoring in History. The Scholarship will be presented to him at the Awards Ceremony on May 14, 2012  Excerpts from Arthur’s essay:  “Every day I try to use my God-given abilities to do my best. Sometimes in history class, my classmates and the teacher often joke that I should be teaching the class or they use me as a reference book. One person called me a (Living Encyclopedia.)”  The great contribution from everyone keeps this scholarship a reality for these students looking for assistance to succeed. Emma’s dream continues and will reach bigger heights for next year.



Campbell University
Major: History

Update on Arthur

Here is an update, in Arthur’s own words:

"I am excited about applying for the summer intern positions so I can gain some real world experience in Homeland Security.  In the classroom, I can learn about the real world, but this internship will let me actually experience it.  I will use this time to break down the wall between the classroom and the real world."

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