The recipient of the 2015 Emma L. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship from Brooklyn Generation School is Daniel Lewis. Daniel will be attending Farmingdale State College in Farmingdale, New York this Fall to study Aeronautics. The Scholarship will be announced at the Senior Awards Ceremony on June 19, 2015. Here is an excerpt from Daniel’s essay: “I am a hard worker and I love to collaborate with others, I see myself as a leader in the future and this is just the beginning of my journey. School for me has become a place where I’ve learned to cherish. I will always remember where I came from and the obstacles I had to endure and overcome to be where I am today.” We believe in Daniel and wish him all the best in his journey.  Emma’s legacy continues to get stronger with recipients of Daniel’s caliber and we are happy to be able to offer a second scholarship this year and add a Brooklyn Generation School senior to our recipients.



Farmingdale State College
Major: Aeronautics

Here is an update, in Daniel’s own words: 

"It is very nice to see the scholarship going so far...All is well here at Farmingdale, the snow caused classes to be canceled. Let me show you what I've been doing recently, it wouldn't have been possible without your help. Thank you for everything!"

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